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17 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore as a Minimalist

It’s been a few months since I’ve fully embraced minimalism. I decluttered my life significantly, but all of that would be pointless if I continued to bring unnecessary items into my house and my life. It becomes a consistent pursuit of owning and doing less, not a one time clear out. While I have always been watchful of my money, now I don’t buy certain things not only to save money, but also to prevent clutter from entering my home and my mind.

Here are 17 things that I don’t buy anymore, now that I’m a minimalist:

  1. Fast fashion clothes — These days I prefer to invest in high-quality timeless fashion pieces. I don’t shop at Forever 21 or H&M anymore just because their products are cheap. I would rather spend more money on one product that will last longer and make me feel more confident when wearing it than 5 products that will be worn down in a year.
  2. Pens and pencils — I rarely use pen and paper anymore to take notes or study. Almost everything I do is online, so there is no need to buy physical stationary anymore. Even if I want to do something creative or fancy, I have my Apple Pencil for that.
  3. Excessive skincare products — My skincare routine has reached a very minimal level and I don’t buy new products that I don’t need. Before I buy a product that I haven’t used before, I do an extensive amount of research on it and only buy it when I am completely out of the product type that it is replaces (ex. moisturizer).
  4. Books — I get all of my books from the library these days. I don’t want to accumulate book clutter and I don’t want to spend extra money on books that I can get for free and will most likely never read twice. I read most of my books on my iPad anyways, and therefore I can instantly download any eBook from my local library without even leaving my home.
  5. Home decor trinkets — If I’m out shopping, I can appreciate a trinket and think how cute it might be in the store, but unless I have a spot in my apartment that desperately needs a decoration, I won’t buy it unless I am actively seeking out a decor item for a specific spot in my house.
  6. Notebooks and folders — This is similar to pens and pencils, because I don’t take notes on paper or need any stationary. If I need to study or write something down, I have an abundant amount of devices (computer, iPad, iPhone, etc) to do this on.
  7. Disposable/paper dishes — I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly and it helps me save money. I don’t mind doing the dishes!
  8. Motivational word signs — While funny or inspirational at first glance, these signs create visual clutter that I don’t need in my home. I have a few already, but will not purchase any more unless I replace one I already have, no matter how much the cute saying relates to me.
  9. Tupperware — I have one nice Tupperware set that serves every food storage need that I have. There’s no need to buy extra containers when there isn’t a time that all of them will be full at once.
  10. Back stock of consumables — I go to the grocery store once a week, and will can get anything I am running low on then (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, food, etc) and try to avoid storing extra items in the house when I know that I will be at the store in the near future. That being said, I’m not going to buy toilet paper one roll at a time, but I won’t buy 100 rolls at once either.
  11. Seasonal decorations — While I love some holidays such as Christmas and Easter, I can’t justify the extra money and time that would come with decorating for each season. I’d rather manifest my celebration of these holidays with time spent with loved ones instead of cheap decorations placed around the house.
  12. Nail polish — I can’t recall the last time I did my nails at home, because it was probably back when I was in middle school. I like having nice nails, but if I really want them, I’ll spend the extra money to go to a nail salon (which I haven’t done that either in the past year).
  13. Water bottles — Although I have lofty hydration goals, I’ve stopped buying reusable water bottles because there is no time that I will need to drink from multiple bottles at once. I have a few that serve different purposes, but none that are the same size or make.
  14. More organizers — I have enough organizers for all of the items I currently own to be neat and tidy. Buying more organizers would mean I’ve accumulated more things, and that is something I want to stay away from.
  15. Souvenirs — I used to buy trinkets from each city or country that I visited. When I finally realized that my memories are not in my things and they are in my experiences, which can even be better represented with pictures and videos, I stopped buying useless magnets and mugs.
  16. Phone cases — Your phone can only use one case at a time. Only when the one I currently have is no longer functional will I find the need to buy a new one. Phone cases are not like underwear, you don’t need to change them everyday.
  17. Purses and wallets — I have one quality purse and one quality wallet. If I bought any more, I would have to sacrifice using my favorite one that I already have.

I am a recent college grad who writes about minimalism, productivity, health and fitness, and more.

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