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3 Simple Ways to Start Decluttering Your Home Today

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task. You might be filled with motivation after watching an endless stream of YouTube videos, but you don’t know where to start. Do kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, or attic boxes take precedence? There’s no right area of the house to start with, but these three simple tactics will help you dive right in to your minimalism journey.

  1. Get rid of the trash first. It’s easy to pinpoint items that you don’t need anymore simply because they aren’t functional. Chuck those stretched out hair ties, expired food products, and even that 2020 calendar still lurking around. 2020 is behind us. You’ll be surprised how many items you can quickly get rid of by just pulling out a trash bag and going room to room doing a surface level sweep.
  2. Declutter at least 5 items that are taking up substantial space in your home. One of the main benefits of minimalism is creating more space, both physically and mentally, in your life. Getting rid of a few big items will make a noticeable difference in your visual perception of your home. This newfound space will put you at ease and encourage you to keep going.
  3. Tackle your workspace. There’s a good chance that you are either still working from home or have substantially increased the use of your home workspace in the past year. I believe that it’s incredibly important to have a clean and clear work area to do good and meaningful work. Once you declutter your office space and see the real results in your productivity, you’ll want to apply it to all areas of your home. It’s also essential to acknowledge the difference between minimizing and cleaning–this means evaluating each item to see if it still serves a meaningful purpose instead of simply organizing the space.

Starting with these three action items, you can face the challenge head on. Additionally, if you want a structured way to complement your minimalist journey, check out the #LessIsNow minimalism game, created by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, in their new documentary, Less is Now, directed by Matt D’Avella. The game is simple: on day 1, you get rid of 1 item, on day 2 you part with 2 items, and so on. At the end of 30 days (or more if you’re still on a roll at that point!) you’ll have gotten rid of over 500 items. If you ever get stuck, check out The Minimalists Podcast for some extra motivation.

It’s important to remember that decluttering your home will not happen overnight. It can take days, weeks, or even months. And even after that initial clearing, it’s important to continually evaluate your belongings and determine if they are still adding value to your life. It won’t be as scary as opening the closet and having countless items pour out of the abyss, but spending as little as 10 minutes each day reevaluating can help maintain your minimalist home.

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