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Manifesting Your Post-COVID Life NOW

As I sit down to write this on March 29th, 2021, we are still living in a world centered around COVID-19. While establishments such as restaurants and small businesses have begun to open up with limited capacity in many areas and vaccine distributions are on the rise, we are still trapped inside a society limited by this seemingly never-ending virus. It’s been more than a year of missing out on celebratory gatherings, spontaneous travel, and even some everyday activities that we once took for granted. While we are not out of the woods yet, the end is coming. And as we slowly approach normality again, it might pay off to manifest your post-COVID life right now.

I don’t know when this will all end. If you do, please, let us all in on that precious secret. But I do know that once life returns to normal, there are so many things that I want to do. And that is why I’m planning out all of the activities I want to do post-COVID right now, so that when the time does come, I have no excuse but to do them. There are three areas that I’m currently manifesting for my future self: travel, going to bars and restaurants, and attending large events.

Travel: Since my first adventure out of the United States in 2019 when I studied abroad in Morocco, I’ve had an intense travel bug. I was lucky enough to visit Europe twice in early 2020 (it’s crazy to think that both of these trips happened in that year considering the reputation that 2020 has), but now I’m itching to travel the world even more after having been locked down at home for so long. Even though I don’t have an exact date of when I will be able to fly over the ocean again, I can still plan where I’m going to go and what I’m going to do there. In my Notion, I have a page for post-COVID travel that I add to when I feel inspired. As it slowly accumulates details and ideas, I will have a full trip itinerary by the summer and the only step left will be to book the plane and hotel tickets. I won’t have to do any planning when the time rolls around–all I have to do is walk right onto the plane and enjoy myself. Life is short, and I encourage you to do the same–come up with 3 to 4 places that you want to visit first after travel resumes and plan your ideal trip. I’m sure you’ve accumulated enough work vacation days in the past year to take a moment to treat yourself with an enriching experience after all that the past year has weighed on us.

Restaurants and Bars: In August, I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. and starting a new job there. I am so excited for this change and want to fully experience the city when I get there. In the past year, I haven’t been able to go to bars and restaurants with my friends and meet new people as I would have liked. Even when I have gone to restaurants, I’m only interacting with my bubble of family and friends that I’m with. I miss meeting new people in busy places, putting myself out there, and just having a good time creating new memories. I’m currently manifesting this by apartment hunting in D.C. and finding the best area to live that will give me the most opportunities step outside my comfort zone and meet new people. I’m researching the restaurants and bars of each area to find a place that will be bustling and ready for action. I’m definitely a foodie and love trying new restaurants so moving to a new city will fuel my food cravings too. My list of restaurants and bars is just beginning–and I can’t even visit them yet because I’m not physically there. But when I do move, hopefully life will be back to normal and I will have accumulated a full list of restaurants and bars that will become my go-to social spots.

Large Events: I’ve never been much of a concert person, or any large events for that matter. But I do miss being out with the people. I want to attend a few large events in the post-COVID-19 era–not just for the sake of going to large events, but carefully handpicking a few that I know I will thoroughly enjoy. For example, I hope to go to a major golf tournament, such as the Masters. I went to the U.S. Open in 2015 and absolutely loved it, and want to return to see the champion players and large crowds of golf fans again. While spectators are still limited at these events, I can still peruse the calendar for the end of 2021 and keep my eye open for cheap tickets. A few other large events that I am manifesting going to are family and friend weddings, reunions, and church services. While these are less in my control as I will be an invited guest instead of the planner of the event, I am still excited to return to these events and keep them in my mind as reminders of things to look forward to. I’m also doing a favor for my future self attending these events by keeping my body in shape and myself busy so that I can exude self-confidence when interacting with those friends and family members I might not have seen in a while.

These are just my three areas that I am currently manifesting–yours might be different based on your life goals and ambitions. I encourage you to plan out your post-COVID life now to prepare yourself for the future that holds so much opportunity. As life returns to normal, remember to live it in the moment by treasuring every second and living fearlessly.

Thanks for reading! If you like this post, check out my YouTube channel here.

I am a recent college grad who writes about minimalism, productivity, health and fitness, and more.

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